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Hi, We Are Starth.

A Creative, Digital Company.

We build awesome websites designed from scratch, together with performance focused digital marketing campaigns to take you out into the world.

Proudly a 'little' agency, we exclusively serve individuals, startups and small to medium scale companies through our portfolio of services. Our offerings are designed to give you great options to get started or you could reach out for a custom quote if you want to reach the stars with us!

Get in touch, and let’s build awesome together.

More About Us.

Starth was founded in 2020. The name stems from a a mindset we carry here at starth. It tells you to just START(H)🤷!

We're hiring!

Starth is in an intense period of expanding and rapidly growing 🚀. We're now looking for superstars to join our tech team.

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Starth, where ideas become reality!

Your first and best impression. More than 70% of your potential customers will find you via a Google Search. You’ll be one of very many listings that appear and they’ll quickly open a few sites on different tabs. Now, they get to you. 3-7 seconds to decide if they want to stay on your website. 30 seconds to scan a page or two to decide if they want to commit further. Ultimately, 1-3 minutes in total on your site during the first visit.

Impress them enough, they’ll stay longer or come back to your site for a second look, sooner. And this is how you convert a website visitor to a customer.

Web development

We build our web apps using the latest technology available on the market such as React JS, Gatsby JS or Next JS. We are specialists in frontend development. We build all sorts of projects, from simple to advanced web pages.

Software development

Digital transformation requires modern applications that can use and benefit from technology and data. Software development includes everything from requirements collection, architecture, automatic testing, UX & design, clean code and simpler components.


We think that a good e-commerce partner should have a deep understanding of both technology and business - to be able to determine how they interact in the best way. Therefore, we have gathered various specialist competencies, from design and technology to strategy and consulting, in order to offer you the best service as possible.

Mobile App Development

We offer everything from concept development to design, development and launch. Our team consists of experienced developers, designers and project managers who are specialized in app development.

UI/UX Design

We work closely with our customers to define, design and develop transformative user experiences on every platforms.

Search engine optimization

We help you with SEO which includes on-page, off-page and Technical SEO, these plans give you an all-in-one solution so that you can focus on what is more important.

Don't be shy, let's get in touch!

By creating an atmosphere where conventions are challenged, we try to reimagine narratives and designs. Not an easy task, we know. That’s why we do all we can do to make sure everybody can thrive.

Where to Find Us

We're behind the screen ATM 😬,
Stockholm, SE +46 736 74 592

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